Bunsters Fresh Ones Hot Sauce Gift Pack


  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR THE HOT SAUCE LOVER – This gift pack contains 4 of Australia’s favorite hot sauces. This delicious box of goodness provides an array of flavours to complement and improve any meal you’re eating. With this perfect gift you’re all set for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and even Dessert!
  • BUNSTERS GREEN AND GOLD – Also known as Salsa Verde, is absolutely perfect for any seafood dish. Drizzle a little bit of our Green and Gold Hot Sauce on your favorite fish and discover a whole new meaning to life.
  • BUNSTERS HOT HONEY is a Pizza, Bacon and Chicken Elixir. We started with prized Australian Eucalyptus honey and blended it with glorious Charapita Chili peppers. For those of us who aren’t chili connoisseurs, Charapita is the most expensive chili in the world and has a delightful floral taste!
  • BUNSTERS SPICY KETCHUP is perfect for meat and anything else that goes well with ketchup. A Hot Dog, an IKEA meatball, a Mickey D’s nugget – the possibilities are only limited by your imagination and your proximity to a ‘mystery meat’ purveyor.
  • BUNSTERS SALAMI SAUCE is perfect for hot dogs and fries. Behold Bunsters Salami Sauce that contains no actual Salami! It’s like some kind of meaty miracle. Vegetarians and vegans can finally rejoice.
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