Hot Ones | Season 16 Hot Sauce 10-Pack


  • HOT ONES | The YouTube series you know and love, Hot Ones is the show with hot questions and even hotter wings!
  • THE PACK | The Hot Ones hot sauces gracing the wings of doom on Hot Ones Season 16! Featuring a full 10 sauce lineup, from the return of fan favorite The Classic Blue Label and Los Calientes Verde, to The Last Dab: Apollo.
  • FLAVORS | Season 16’s sauces are some of our tastiest and most unique yet, featuring intriguing ingredient and pepper combinations: think strawberries and cinnamon, or guajillo and pasilla chilis.
  • HEAT | 1-10/10 | The full rollercoaster ride of heat you see on the show, from mild to wild.
  • SOURCING | Made by small batch sauce makers with high quality, all-natural ingredients. Includes our natural, non-extract stand-in for Da Bomb Beyond Insanity, Da Bomb Evolution.
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